‘Restrictions’ on Separatists State ‘Terrorism’:  Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


While terming the house arrest of its chairman Syed Ali Geelani, detention and house arrests of other leaders including Masarat Alam Bhat and restrictions on the “Tral Chalo as state terrorism”, Hurriyat Conference (G) Friday condemned it in strong words.

In a statement, Hurriyat (G) spokesperson said, “Killing of an innocent civilian and then not allowing to mourn his death is the worst kind of human rights violations and it depicts the actual picture of lawlessness prevailing in the Jammu & Kashmir. If there would have been any reality in the so-called pro-Kashmir stance of Mufti Sayeed and if he would have been left with some moral courage then he should have taken the responsibility of the Tral killings and he should have registered a strong protest in New Delhi against this innocent killing. But contrary to this he not only showed flippant response to this killing but he also put strict restrictions over the scheduled protest march called against this grave issue and also prevented the people to express their condolence with the bereaved families.”

“Geelani sahib had called for a protest rally in Tral against this innocent killings but the state administration launched a massive crackdown on the pro-freedom leadership and either arrested or put under house arrest the dozens of separatist leaders which include Geelani, Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai, Masarat Alam Bhat and others,” he said.

“Police also raided the houses of dozens of Hurriyat leaders and activists including Peer Saifullah and me. Mufti wanted to befool the general public by his “sweet words” and was trying to project himself a ‘pro-Kashmir’ politician but the innocent killings in Tral at the hands of Indian forces and his poor response to this inhuman act miserably exposed him and his claims before the public and which has also vindicated the stand of Hurriyat Conference that the change of governments will change nothing on the ground. The innocent lives continue to lose here and no Mufti Sayeed or Mehbooba can stop this process. The Jammu & Kashmir is actually directly ruled by the Indian home ministry and army and either it is Omar Abdullah or Mufti Sayeed as chief minister, their status here in Kashmir is just as of a show-boy,” he alleged.

The spokesman said that the Srinagar return of the Geelani has “exposed” Mufti. “His ‘Battle of Ideas’ and ‘Goli Nahi Boli’ like slogans seem to have dried up and he adopted the policy of previous Omer Abdullah led government with regarding to the pro-freedom people. Mufti was in a big misunderstanding with regard to Geelani sahib and other pro-freedom leaders and he wanted to take them far-granted in his tenure. He used to criticize Omar Abdullah for his policies of detaining Hurriyat leaders and was advocating the political space to them but his government has not even completed a month and he completely collapsed and all his promises proved to be a hoax. The return of Geelani sahib has made his position awkward and he preferred to keep Geelani sahib under house arrest,” he said.

The Hurriyat (G) spokesperson claimed that the Geelani represents the sentiments of the majority community in Jammu & Kashmir and he is an ideology rather than a person. “Geelani sahib can be restricted to the premises of his house but his ideology is unstoppable and no Mufti or his masters in New Delhi can prevent it from spreading. India had occupied the state of Jammu & Kashmir and Kashmiri nation will never accept this occupation. Until and unless the every single solider of India quit the land of Kashmir, our struggle will continue at every cost and in every way,” he vowed.


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