Return Computer Please

KL Report


An official working with the Dr Shad Salim’s Cancer Hospital has lost a computer that carries vital records about more than 500 cancer patients from across Kashmir.

Seeking help from the people, a spokesperson of the hospital said the grey colour Acer laptop in black bag was lost in front of the gate of Ms Pakeeza Bhat (335/2-C, Bilal Colony, Bemina) on June 25, 2013 somewhere between 10;15 am and 11 am. The bag carried a charger, Nikon digital camera, pen drive without a cap, and reliance data card. Ms Bhat’s Voter ID card and her wallet  with Rs 2500 was also in it.

The official said the records in the computer are exclusively stored in this computer and its loss means a lot to the hospital and the patients. It has details of the palliative care requirements to the patients. Its lose will cost a lot to various researches underway because this is the only store of the patient records since 2007.

Anybody who is having any information can talk to Ms Bhat at: 9596350229, 9622684496


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