Return of Power Projects: No Question of Changing Our Mindset, says PDP



Mehboob-BaighReiterating the commitment of the coalition government to achieve balanced development of all the three regions, People’s Democratic Party Wednesday challenged National Conference to come up with a single issue after Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed completes a single working season.

“100 days is the only term, these NC people have been repeating like a parrot. I challenge them that these people will not find a single issue once Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed will complete a single working season. We are not talking about whole six years, but asking all the vested interests to allow Chief Minister to work smoothly for a single season,” PDP Chief Spokesperson Dr Mehboob Beigh told CNS adding that there are some vested interests who want to act as bottleneck for Chief Minister and don’t want Jammu and Kashmir should witness over all development under present dispensation.

Beigh castigated those who accuse New Delhi of ignoring flood victims. “I appeal all these people to change their mind set. Funds for flood victims will continue to flow and it is our commitment towards these flood victims that they will be rehabilitated. We must be positive and have faith in our Chief Minister whose only motive is to relieve the people from all sufferings,” he said.

Beigh refuted the allegations that Kashmir has been facing discrimination. “Kashmir faced discrimination during previous rule but this government believes in equitable development. People will see themselves what Kashmir will get. Give this government some time and it will prove the critics wrong,” he said and discrimination if any will not be tolerated.

Responding to a question, Beigh said that PDP did not act as mute spectator over eviction drive in Jammu. “It is unfortunate that those who have encroached forest land in Jammu belong to a particular community as a result it became an issue for some people. We must not encourage those people who resort to illegal encroachment irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and religion,” he said.

Taking a dig on National Conference, PDP spokesperson said that this party is playing politics on flood issue. “What was the role of National Conference during floods is known to everyone. What this party did after floods is also known to everyone. When we are doing something for these flood affected people, it creates hurdles and mislead people,” he said history and people of Kashmir will never forget NC for what it did during floods.

Terming the Sopore killings unfortunate, Beigh said that to avert such incidents is the real test for the government.

“It is a big challenge for the Chief Minister and he knows how to take out state from the mess. Just have patience and allow Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to work,” Beigh said and added that there is no question of changing our mindset as far as returning of power projects from NHPC is concerned.

“Alliance Agenda will be implemented in letter and spirit. The government is committed to work for political and economic stability of the State. People’s expectations with the present Government led by Chief Minister, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed are much higher as the previous dispensation caused immense damage to almost every sphere of governance,” he said and added that the people would surely feel a change on the ground with the landmark initiatives being taken by the present Government.

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