Rohingya Refugees Issue Must Be Seen Through Humanitarian Angle: CPI(M)

SRINAGAR: Regional Secretary, CPI(M)Jammu Sham Prasad Kesar has said that the decision of Jammu and Kashmir authorities to send at least 168 Rohingya refugees to a holding center needs a review as the issue needs to be seen through a humanitarian angle rather than political.

In a statement Regional Secretary, CPI(M) Jammu Sham Prasad Kesar: “Following prosecution in their country, thousands of Rohingyas entered India through Bangladesh and some of them took shelter in Jammu also. They were forced to leave their country and take temporary shelter in India and other countries to save their lives.”

“Once the situation improves in their homeland, they must be asked to go back. However, as of now the situation has not improved in their homeland and forcing them to go back at this juncture will be injustice with them,” Sham Prasad Kesar said.

“Nothing adverse has been found against the Rohingya refugees in Jammu and Kashmir so-far and keeping that in consideration, the government must deal with the issue on a humanitarian basis,” said Sham Prasad Kesar in a statement.


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