Rs 21k Cr of NC-Congress’ Rs 44k Cr Package Belonged to Govt Itself: FinMin Dr Drabu

Riyaz Ul Khaliq



A file photo of Dr Haseeb A Drabu.
A file photo of Dr Haseeb A Drabu.

Finance Minister, economist Dr Haseeb A Drabu Friday revealed that almost half of the package sent by last government to union government belonged to state government itself.

Dr Drabu while making a statement in lower house about the status of financial package from union government said, “the last government had asked for Rs 21000 Crore only for government losses.”

“We have been working on the package anew for last six months and re-designing it,” he said, “it won’t be restricted just to cash transfer but sustainable.”

Dr Drabu, who is following the financial package with union government said, “the package is not an event but a process; we are working on it that it would be a program which will run for eight to ten years.

“I reiterate Jab Dukaan Chalay Gi, Makaan Banay Ga,” he asserted. “The package would give impetus to overall economic revival; it is segmented which includes public, private and social infrastructures.”

Dr Drabu cleared that there was nothing like Rs nine Lakh relief to families for reconstruction of houses in Uttrakhand disaster. “It was bank loan,” he said.

The finance minister who also holds portfolio of employment and culture said, “the package submitted by NC-Congress coalition demanded Rs 21000 Crore for revenue losses.”

He was responding to allegations of NC legislator, Ali Muhammad Sagar, who addressed Drabu saying, “you are not following package sincerely.”

Sagar, before Drabu’s statement addressed PDP lawmakers asserting, “you won some seats in Srinagar because of flood and NC was against holding 2014 state legislative elections but you went ahead.” “Now, you have failed flood victims.”

Dr Drabu further said that the government has already released the relief funds which came through NDRF and SDRF. “Flood victims have been transferred cash for reconstruction of houses, however, the package will have something for them as well.”

He said that although the NC-Congress government had submitted Rs 44000 Crore to government of India but after the World Bank’s assessment, it was reduced to around Rs 22000 Crore and “when Niti Ayog made its calculations, it was again reduced to Rs 11000 Crore.”


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