Rs 28 lakh sanctioned for treatment of cops, NOK


Jammu and Kashmir Police organization under the guidance of senior officers has from time to time taken various welfare measures within the organization and with the help of Central and State Governments to provide more and more welfare measures to police personnel.

A police spokesman in a statement said that as part of these efforts and to give financial assistance to meet the urgent needs of Police personnel, Police Headquarters vide order No. 2470 dated July 3 2019, welfare loan/relief of over Rs. 28 lakh has been sanctioned in favour of Police personnel, who are in need of assistance.

“By this order Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh sanctioned welfare loan/relief of Rs. 28,15,000/- in favour of 27 personnel of J&K Police to compensate for the unavoidable expenses for self-treatment and treatment of their dependents. Welfare relief has also been granted in favour of six needy personnel. The amount has been sanctioned out of Central Police Welfare Fund,” said the spokesman.

“Rupees 6.70 lakh have been provided for self-treatment to nine personnel suffering from different life-threatening ailments as loan and relief. Similarly, eighteen personnel have been provided loan and relief of rupees 21.45 lakh for the treatment of their dependents, suffering from such diseases,” he said.

“Welfare loan/relief is sanctioned in favour of J&K Police personnel to meet the expenses of different natures including self-treatment, treatment of dependents, education of wards, self-marriage and marriage of wards, circumcision of son or yognopavit of a son. The loan given without any interest to the Police personnel is refundable and will be recovered in monthly instalments from their salaries,” he added.

“Recently vide order No. 2014 of May 2019 PHQ sanctioned welfare loan/relief of over Rupees 29 lakh in favour of 40 Police personnel for their treatment or treatment of dependents suffering from different diseases. Such welfare loan/relief is also sanctioned in favour of SPOs in need out of SPOs Contributory Fund and Police Pariwar Fund,” a police spokesman in a statement said.


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