SRINAGAR: Regional Transport Officer Srinagar has penalised parents of two boys and also suspended registration of a two-wheeler involved in creating nuisance, attacking and harassing a family on road in Parimpora area of Srinagar on March 27 this year.

According to two separate order copies, RTO Kashmir has penalised parents of two boys for Rs 5,000 each for being involved in a heinous crime and creating nuisance on the road.

As per the order, RTO Kashmir has penalised Hilal Mehraj of Mir Mansoor Colony Srinagar and Abdul Hamid Bazaz of Rampora Chattabal for allowing their juvenile sons to drive two-wheelers without possessing a valid license.

“In exercise of powers under section 180 of MVA, 1988, a penalty of Rs 5000 each is imposed upon Hilal Mehraj and Abdul Hamid Bazaz, owners of the vehicle used in offence, for causing and permitting his vehicle to be driven by a person who did not possess a valid driving license,” reads the order.

It also added in exercise of powers under section 53 of MVA, 1988, the registration certificate of vehicle No: JK01AS-7723 is hereby suspended with immediate effect, with the direction to surrender the original Registration certificate in this office.

Meanwhile, RTO Kashmir said the action has been taken so that it would act as a deterrent for others and such incidents are prevented from happening in the future.

Notably, on March 27 Srinagar police had arrested nine persons for harassing and attacking a family on road in Srinagar. Video of the incident had also gone viral on different social media platforms. (KNS)



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