Safa Kadal Family Holds Pepper Gas Responsible For Woman’s Death

KL Report


Family of a 65 year old woman alleged that she died due to the use of pepper gas by government forces in Safa Kadal locality.

Family members said that deceased was suffering from a chest disease and unabated use of pepper gas in locality deteriorated her heath resulting into her death.

Hajira w/o Ghulam Hassan of Safa Kadal was suffering from some chest ailment and died due to adverse affects on her heath from excessive use of pepper gas by forces in locality, said locals.

Speaking to KNS about the death of Hajira, her neighbor Tariq Ahmad Kawa said, “She (Hajira) complained of severe chest pain after she was exposed to the pepper gas in our locality. We tried to shift her to the hospital. She was suffering from a chest problem which got complicated and led to her death”.

Showkat Hussain Bhat, Son of deceased alleged that excessive use of pepper gas in residential area was the cause of her mother’s death. He demanded stern action against allegedly involved persons and registration of culpable homicide case.



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