Safety of guests and crew above everything else: AirAsia


Apologising for the cancellation of its flight bound to fly from New Delhi to Srinagar on Wednesday, AirAsia spokesman told Kashmir Life that the decision was due to inclement weather conditions.

Spokesman said keeping in view the safety and security of passengers and the crew members, the flight i5 715 was cancelled.

File image of Chief Minister weaving a welcome flag to Air Asia’s maiden Srinagar flight.

“The decision to cancel the flight was taken a few hours after waiting for the runway at Srinagar to get operational keeping the convenience, safety and security of the guests and crew in mind,” and added that “all guests who were waiting at the Airport were briefed, provided refreshments and status of the flight was communicated regularly by the airline staff.”

Apologising for the inconvenience, the spokesman said all guests have been provided with alternate options such as opting for the next available flight, full refund or credit shell for them to use later.

“The airline reaffirms that it places safety of guests and crew above everything else,” he added.



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