Sagar alleges saffronisation of education


Senior National Conference legislator Ali Mohammad Sagar on Tuesday raised an alarm over what he called “saffronisation of education” by the incumbent union government.

Ali Mohammad Sagar while speaking on the motion of grants for education department alleged that higher education department is not being run well and tried to prick holes in the working of Universities. He said academics are not being run to shape the future of young generation and nowadays the central government is mooting the idea of scraping the contributions of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the first prime minister of India from books taught in schools and colleges.

“As Drabu Sahab surrendered before the government of India and implemented GST here, same attempts will be made for you to saffronise education sector but we expect that you will resist,” Sagar said while addressing the education minister Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari.

Asking education minister to work for overcoming the challenges he is facing in the backdrop of the attempts of the present central government to change educational institutions into centers of political controversies.

He said that divisive nature of education being propagated by the present central government should not be allowed to take roots both within and outside the state.


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