Sagar asks GoI to shun rigidity, initiate dialogue


National Conference Tuesday reiterated that Kashmir issue must be approached politically and asked GoI to shun rigidity and initiate unconditional dialogue with all the stakeholders of the state, in a meeting convened here at party headquarters.

An extra ordinary session comprising of Provincial President, Zonal Presidents, District Presidents, PP Womens Wing and PP Youth Wing was convened here at party headquarters. The meeting was chaired by the party General Secretary Advocate Ali Mohammad Sagar.

In the meeting all party functionaries vowed to protect the special status enjoyed by the Jammu and Kashmir.

Expressing gratitude to party functionaries and those who inspite of great odds came out and voted for Dr Farooq Abdullah, Sagar said, “Our strength is our party. The recent victory of our party president is testimony to the fact that party is nothing without people. Nothing can replace that. The win has infused a new life in our cadre. They are feeling emboldened and this is the time where we have to make sure that our commitment to public welfare is supreme.”

Ali Mohammad Sagar

Sagar asked all the party functionaries present to work tirelessly for the welfare of the people.

While addressing the gathering Sagar cautioned the governments both in the state and at the centre to take immediate steps in deescalating the situation on ground. He said, “PM Modi needs to take into consideration the overall political mood of the state and try to evolve a consensus where all stakeholders of the conflict are taken on board and reign in some of his party men who have developed a habit of ignoring the political realities of the state,” adding, “Situation in the country is going from bad to worse as far as minorities are concerned and nothing much is being done to assuage the fears minority community is currently going through.”

He further said, “When the State government has failed miserably in controlling the situation, it has started to use deceptive tactics to present a semblance of peace. Government machinery is being misused for photo ops. Its R&B minister who has lost the confidence of his own party men and MLAs has the audacity to question us. His whole politics revolves around lies and therefore he has no right to sermonize others. Its time for them to do some course correction which i am afraid they are not interested in.”

In his address Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani asked party functionaries to concentrate on their respective areas and establish a close rapport with people. “These are very sensitive times we live in. Our conduct during these times will be remembered by one and all which makes our responsibilities even greater. We must all adhere to party command and ensure that that interest of the states are not harmed with,” adding, “A consensus needs to be developed on all matters wherein everybody needs to be taken on board.”


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