Sagar Lashes At State Employees, ‘They Take Salaries For Hartal Days’

KL Desk


Terming the employees strikes over non fulfillment of their demands as unfortunate, Minster for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Sagar called upon the employees’ leaders to shun the path of confrontation and come forward for talks with the government.

He said the strikes and agitation were affecting the lives of common people of the state.

“People’s lives are getting affected due to the confrontationist attitude of the state employees’ organizations. Government is open for talks with them to sort out the issues and they should come forward for talks”, said Sagar while talking to KNS on Tuesday.

He lashed at the state employees for drawing salaries for the work days during which they go on strike. “They draw salaries for hartal days. They are hell bent upon confrontation and such a mindset is legally and in principle wrong”, adding “We are ready to listen to their problems”

He asked the state employees leaders not to politicize the issues of employees. “They should not politicize the strike. There are people among them who have access to higher authorities and they should use that to solve the issues”.

Regarding the government response in case the employees intensified their agitation, the minister that that they are keeping an eye on the situation. “Government is watching and the CM is personally monitoring the situation. The Chief Secretary and other officers are in touch with them and we will talk to them to sort out the issues”, he added. He asked the state employees to leave the way of confrontation and come forward for negotiations to find a way out rather than punishing the common people of the state for no fault of theirs.


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