SRINAGAR: The PSA dossier of the journalist Sajad Gul, who was recently booked under the Public Safety Act after being granted bail by the court, has accused him of a “threat to peace” in Kashmir.

The dossier signed by District Magistrate Bandipora has said that Sajad being well educated used social media as a “tool to provoke the people against the government establishment”. The dossier also said that he reported less about the “welfare of UT”.

“You have always made/tweeted controversial statements on social media and being a journalist, you are less reporting about the welfare of UT, rather promoting enmity,” the dossier read.

The dossier also accused him of being in search of “anti-national and anti-social tweets” and a “negative critique” towards UT policies and termed him as a self-proclaimed messiah of terrorists and also accused him of working as a “puppet under the banner of journalism.”

“You have developed relations with various anti-national gangs being operated from across the border and are working as a mere puppet under the banner of journalism to fulfil the desires of like-minded people,” the dossier read.

The dossier mentioned that there was an apprehension of him getting bail from court which made it “imperative” for him to be detained under the Public Safety Act.

The dossier is reproduced below, ad verbatim:


Name Sajad Ahmad Dar @ Sajad Gel. Parentage Gh. Mohammad Dar. Residence : Baghat Mohallah Shahgund. Tehsil Hajin. District :BandIpora. Qualification: Masters in Journalism. Age • 29 years. Affiliation: Instigator. Profession: Journalist (Media Reporter)

As per grounds mentioned in the dossier submitted by Sr. Superintendent of Police Bandipora vide No: Lgl/PSA-04/2022/1240-44, Dated:11.01.2022, you were born in your native village Baghat Mohalla Shahgund Tehsil Hajin District Bandipora and are about 29 years of age. You received early education upto Class 12th from Government Higher Secondary School Hajin and completed Bachelor’s Degree from Government Degree College Bararmulla. Thereafter, you got admission in central University of Kashmir (CUK) for pursing Masters in Journalism.

You being well educated use social media as a tool to provoke people against the Government establishments. Since internet has made the world a global village and you use it as a tool by making statements on social media which causes mischief and promote enmity. You have always made/tweeted controversial statements on social media and being a journalist, you are less reporting about welfare of UT rather promoting enmity. You are running a tweeter account upon the ID @SajadGUL_ and use the same for your nefarious desires. You are fond and have natural tendency to support your anti national/ ant social desires, so as to cherish your dream. You remain in search of anti national/ anti social tweets and have remained a negative critique towards UT Policies. You make tweets without factual check in order to provoke the people against the Government. You act as self proclaimed messiah of terrorists and their families and often use to raise issues which harm the national interests. The statements/stories covered by you are readily available on the social media platforms among them Facebook via Url (https://www.facebook.corn/sajad.gu1.7258) and twitter with the ID @SajadGUL_ are prominent and portrays your intentions clearly. Your criminal instincts can be gauged from the below mentioned criminal cases which are registered against you:-

FIR No. 12/2021 U/S 147, 447, 336, 353 IPC of Police Station Hajin:-

On 11.12.2021 an application was received by Police Station Hajin from the office of Naib Tehsildar Hajin (Executive Magistrate 1st Class) depicting that you alongwith some other persons are creating obstacles to the encroachment drive team of Revenue Department, who were retrieving Kacharie land from the illegal occupants in your native village. You were found involved in causing hindrances to the Government functionaries in discharging their duties. To this effect case FIR No. 12/2021 U/S 147, 447, 336, 353 IPC was registered in Police Station Hajin and Investigation was set into motion. The instant case has been challaned before the Hon’ble Court of Law against you and others.

FIR No. 79/2021 U/S 120-B, 153-13, 505 IPC of Police Station Hajin: –

On 16.10.2021 specific information was received by Police Station Hajin that you are working upon the directions of Pakistani agents and use to tweet against the Union of India from the twitter account @sajadGUL_. By the virtue of your tweeter handle you spread false and fake narrative of terrorist operation which was carried out in Gund Jahangeer and in which one local terrorist named Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar S/o Farooq Ahmad Dar R/o Shahgund was eliminated thereby agitatingpeople against security forces. To this effect case FIR No 79/2021 U/s 120-B, 153-B, 505 IPC was registered in Police Station Hajin against you and Investigation was set into motion.

FIR No. 02/2022 U/S 147, 148, 336, 307, 153-B IPC of Police Station Hajin: –

On 03.01.2022 most wanted terrorist namely Saleem Parray was eliminated in encounter at Srinagar and upon this news relatives of killed terrorist started anti national slogans in Hajin area and also pelted stones upon Security forces, who were deployed for law and order duties. You recorded and uploaded video on social media highlighting the anti national slogans raised by the people in the house of killed terrorist, thus were fueling the turmoil. You also provoked the assembled people against the Government established by law. Subsequently a case under FIR No. 02/2022 U/S 147, 148, 336, 307, 153-B IPC was registered against you alongwith some other persons in Police Station Hajin and investigation was set into motion.

Your activities are prejudicial to the security and sovereignty of the country. You always tweet controversial statements and after provoking the masses delete the same and thereby causes mischief to disrupt the peace and tranquility in the area. You are filled with hatred against Union of India and even a lay man can judge your intentions/activities by visiting or accessing your social media timeline. Your activities seem to be prejudicial to the sovereignty, security, integrity, peace and tranquility, of the Union of India. Thus being a potential threat to the law and order as well as to sovereignty, integrity and security of Union of India if kept at large will surely act against the peaceful atmosphere which has been established by the tireless efforts of the law enforcing agencies. Your activities will potentially disturb the peaceful atmosphere and tranquility. You may play a key role in instigating/ provoking not only the youth of your locality but of whole valley as you have a good number of followers on social media. Besides it is easy for you to manipulate people of valley towards your ill intentions as you are well qualified and can brainwash people easily against Government established by law. You have developed relations with various anti national gangs being operated from across border and are working as a mere puppet under the banner of journalism to fulfill the desires of likeminded people. Your aim and object seem to destabilize the Government established by law in the Union of Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and also to assist the local misguided youth for harboring and providing them every logistic support in their anti national activities. You have a criminal bent of mind and your activities are potential threat to the tranquility and Integrity of the state.

Preventive detention is devised to afford protection to society and the object is not to punish person but to intercept & prevent him from doing nefarious activities. The aim of preventive measure is not to put restraint upon any individual but a precaution to prevent mischief. Your activities are fierce by nature because general public are affected by your activities and conduct. By your activities and conduct there have been feeling of insecurity among the general public and as such creates panic and fear in the minds of the public thus upsetting the tempo/ life of the community and as such your activities/ conduct have a direct bearing on the question of security of the state. Your activities have also resulted in assaulting the Government machinery by resorting to violence intended to over throw the Government machinery thus putting the security of the state into danger.

You could not mend your ways and instead have chosen to continue with your subversive activities and your remaining at large will be a serious threat to the security of state as well as toare highly prejudicial to the security of the state. You are highly motivated to carry on the illegal designs and are not likely to desist from such anti national and anti social activities. You are directly involved in the criminal cases and such normal laws don’t seem sufficient to deter you from anti national activities.

In view of the above enumerated facts and circumstances, it is evident that your activities are potentially dangerous for the peaceful atmosphere, tranquility and integrity of the state, as your behavior and conduct have remained incorrigible and there is every likelihood/ apprehension that If you are kept at large will continue your ant-national activities which will definitely prove fatal for the peaceful atmosphere which has been maintained by the strenuous efforts of the law enforcing agencies. The ordinary law of the land does not seem to deter you from your nefarious/ anti-national activities which can seriously endanger the peaceful atmosphere. Thus, it has become Imperative to take recourse of law.

You are presently under proper Police remand and there is every apprehension that you may get bailed out from Hon’ble Court of law thus will prove fatal for peaceful atmosphere, tranquility, law and order of the Nation, as your release at this stage will be a threat not only for Bandipora area but for the whole valley.

Therefore, in view of the above enumerated facts and grounds, your detention under J&K Public Safety Act has become imperative; as such you are hereby detained under the provisions of J&K Public Safety Act 1978. However, you have a right of making representation before the Government/ Detaining authority against your detention, if you, choose so.”



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