Sat Sharma

Ever since the ‘North Pole-South Pole’ union became eventuality in J&K, the activities of right-wingers seem to attain an adrenaline. Recently the rush moment peaked with the top appointment in BJP’s state camp.

Elected unopposed, Sat Sharma is the new state chief of BJP.

Sharma, the BJP lawmaker from Jammu East, has vowed from the word go that his party shall follow the foot prints of his predecessors. His appointment came after the party witnessed internal rivalry last year following which some its MLAs were shown door just before the last state assembly elections.

Sharma was offered the sword after he was garlanded by Jammu East MLA Dr Rajesh Gupta amid drumbeats and distribution of sweets. He succeeded Jugal Kishore Sharma—MP representing Jammu-Poonch constituency in Lok Sabha.

It might be just a coincidence but within days of his coronation as BJP state chief, the government militia—Village Defence Committee (VDC) members went berserk in Rajouri, gunning down three persons in a cold-blood. Even after the killings triggered wide-spread condemnation thereby renewing the ‘Disband VDC’ debate, the BJP denounced the outcry as the reaction of an “isolated incident”. BJP, it may be known, has always maintained that the militia be strengthened.

Until now, Sharma was party’s state vice-president. His election was announced by BJP national vice-president and observer for J&K state, Shyam Jaju. Sharma who won the state assembly elections with over 50k votes has been credited with the sweeping win of BJP in LAHDC Leh elections. A chartered account by training, Sharma’s new job will be to ensure his party’s win in the upcoming Local Bodies elections, slated for next spring.

Lately, BJP has been demanding that October 26 should be declared as ‘State Holiday’. But the day coinciding with Indian army’s landing in Kashmir in 1947 is being observed as “black day” back in Kashmir. It would be seen whether Sharma is able to fulfil the demand of his votary and can make PDP accept the demand.

But interesting part is: Sharma made it sure to announce his arrival with a sword in his hand, “Kashmir shall be my focus to widen our party base”.

-By Riyaz Ul Khaliq


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