Saturday Shutdown a Clear Message that Prof Geelani Illegally Arrested: Hurriyat (g)



“Today’s strike was a clear message of the Kashmiri people against the unjust arrest of Kashmiri scholar Prof SAR Geelani, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and other JNU students and registration of sedition charges against them and if the Indian government does not listen to the public demands and doesn’t released them forthwith, the Kashmiri people will again take to roads and will continue to raise their voices against this injustice,” said All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani.

“The voices against the wrong policies and the fascism of the Indian rulers are now rising from within the country and these modest voices of today can be a devastating storm in the offing,” Hurriyat Conference (g) spokesperson said, “the illegal detention of Prof SAR Geelani and the innocent students of JNU and registration of sedition case against them had badly exposed the democratic claims of India before the world communities and the growing intolerance in this country is apparent now. Since this country is claiming to be the largest democracy in the world but the JNU episode has proven that there is complete ban on the freedom of expression in India and the people of this nation are being denied their birth, basic and their democratic rights.”

“Besides the minorities, the lower caste Hindus are also now raising their voices against the hooliganism of the 5% Brahmans who are holding this entire nation as hostage and who want to convert this country into a Brahman imperialist power where the non-Brahmans will have to live as second class citizens,” the spokesperson said, “every action has equal and opposite reaction and today what we saw from JNU to Hyderabad and Jadavpur Kolkata Universities is the result and reaction of the arrogance of power and the suppression of the weaker sections by this country. This reaction will get stronger day by day and the day is not too far when the people everywhere in India will revolt against this system.”

“Today’s shutdown in Kashmir was also against that section of the Indian media who always side with the oppressor instead of supporting the oppressed and who violate all the principles and values of the independent journalism. This section of the electronic media of India has become the mouthpieces of the communal and fascist forces and they only know the language of hatred and anger,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Hurriyat Conference (g) Secretary General Shabir Ahmad Shah, APHC-g Provincial President Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Ayaz Akbar, Personal Secretary to Chairperson Peer Saifullah, Mohammad Ashraf Laya, Mohammad Yaseen Attaai, Zameer Ahmad, Hafiz Mudasir Nadvi and other dozens of Hurriyat leaders and activists continued to remain either under house detention or in police stations on the third consecutive day today.


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