Saudi Minister Pitches for dialogue between India and Pakistan


Amid the prevailing situation in Jammu and other parts of the country, and discussion on resolving the Kashmir dispute, the minister of Foreign affairs for Saudi Arabia’s, Adel-al-Jubeir said that his country supports the United Nations (UN) resolutions on Kashmir and both India and Pakistan must hold talks to solve the issue.

Saudi Arabia Foreign minister Adel-al-Jubeir

On his day-long visit to India, Saudi Minister in an interview with a media organisations said that they share a good connection with both the countries and have always encouraged them to negotiate their issues through a dialogue that is in the interest of Kashmir and both the nations.

“We believe where there is good will and honest dialogue, a resolution to this issue can be achieved,” he said.

According to the reports, Jubeir reiterates that there must be a de-escalation of tension between India and Pakistan and said they should have a discussion and mutually solve the issue. “Instability anywhere is dangerous to the world,” he said.

When asked about the involvement of Pakistan in the cross-border attacks, Jubeir said he is not aware of its background. “I am not sure who is responsible for the cross-border terrorism,” he said.

Talking about the militancy, the minister said that if any person is implicated in militancy or the financing of militancy, he ought to be listed, tried, convicted and punished but until it is proven, we can’t judge.

“Our country is the first to condemn any terror attack in the world and maintaining the security ties, we have always been in support of eliminating militancy in India, Pakistan and anywhere in the world,” Jubeir said.

Following the statement, the former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah supported Jubeir suggestion on dialogue between the India and Pakistan.

“Amid the din & clamour for war, India-Saudi joint statement on creating conditions conducive for talks btw (between) Pak & India is a welcome step. Message for war mongers is loud & clear. Also, by promising investment in both nations, MBS surely knows the art of keeping everyone happy,” Mehbooba wrote on Twitter.


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