School uniforms dominate Kashmir markets right now

Zafar Afaq

SRINAGAR: As the schools re-opened, the children are busy acquiring fresh uniforms and creasing them. In Srinagar the business at garment shops selling uniforms has started to pick up. There is a surge in costumer number to such shops.

In Regal Chowk, S K selections have put up a banner announcing “School Uniforms Available here.” Its owner Mohammad Altaf said that the sale of uniforms has begun. “From this week, parents have started to visit the shop but they number is slightly less than it was last year this time.” Altaf said. “It could probably due the fact that this year we saw a significant snowfall and people are yet come out the winter mood.

Abdul Majeed who runs a small stationary shop said that the sales have started to increase from this week. “This week I sold many bags, rhyme books, pencils, notebooks to children and parents.” During winterI did not earn much, he says, but I expect, the spring brings with it happiness for me.

Another shop where Srinagar parents visit to buy uniforms is ‘Misbah Uniforms’ in Budshah Chowk. Its proprietor Ghulam Mohi ud Din said that not many customers have come to this shop unlike last year.  “It could probably be the uncertainty about whether schools will open on time,” he reasoned.  “However, I see first week of March things seemingly have started getting better and there is a surge in business.”


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