SDSJK aghast over ‘rigging’ of SDC elections, appeal Health Minister to intervene


SDSJK has taken a strong note of reported alleged hijacking of postal voter slips pertained to State Dental Council (SDC) elections from post offices.

In one of many incidents reported an aggrieved dental surgeon who had called the postman of a particular post office informed him that a person who introduced himself as the stakeholder to the postman has taken postal votes in bulk from the said post office,” a statement of SDSJK said.

The concerned dental surgeon approached the office bearers of SDSJK which have promised to highlight this issue and raise it with the concerned authorities.

It is ironical as majority of voters haven’t received the ballot papers and to add to the misery 9th September has been declared last date to submit which now seems an impossible task and a deliberate attempt to hijack smooth election process.”

SDSJK slammed the returning officer for conducting SDC elections in such a callous way as the ballot papers have been dispatched via ordinary post and in no way they are secure and there have been reported incidents of being hijacked or taken by bulk by some who want to rig the elections. Ordinary posts are no way a secure and safe process and they can be delivered to anybody which has been witnessed by a lot of dental surgeons.

SDSJK appealed Health & Medical Education Minister Bali Bhagat to intervene in the matter.


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