Second Cross LoC meeting ends in stalement


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A second round of meeting at LoC failed Monday as both the parties stuck to their official stands on the drug haul issue.

The meeting that lasted for about three hours failed to yield any consensus between the two sides.

“While Pakistani officials demanded the release of truck along with its driver,” an official who was part of meeting told Kashmir Life. “On the side, Indian officials denied the demand citing the crime involved in the case.” The next meeting is scheduled for January 30. Trucks from J&K are halted in Chakothi and 48 PaK trucks are in Salamabad since January 17 when security officials recovered 114 kgs of Brown Sugar in a PaK truck.

Meanwhile, bus services remained suspended for the second consecutive week. While the bus didn’t move from Srinagar, the Poonch bus had started and returned after it was refused permission by Pakistan, officials said.

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