Sectarian Violence, Govt Inaction Raises Many Eyebrows : Hakim Yasin


KL Report


Raising a finger over the government for its inaction to curb the sectarian violence in Central Kashmir’s Budgam district, Peoples Democratic Front Chairman, Hakim Mohammad Yasin Wednesday said that it is very unfortunate for the Kashmir nation that at a time when four innocents people were ‘butchered’ in Ramban, some vested interests goaded people to indulge in sectarian violence.

In a statement, Hakim Mohammad Yasin said that it irony that government initiated no action to curb the sectarian violence in the nick of time. “The criminal silence and carelessness on part of the government compels us to raise fingers on it and criticize its role,” he said.

Hakim Yasin appealed people to maintain calm and harmony. Demanding that stern action should be taken against those involved in the killing of innocent people in Ramban. “It is irony that government is still terming those guilty as ‘unidentified’ though their identity has been ascertained. It is the duty of the Government of India to take the guilty to task and award them exemplary punishment,” he said.

He said Government cannot befool Kashmiri people now by constituting Commissions and Committees to probe every massacre. “It is better to punish the killers and restore confidence amoung people than to buy time by constituting Committees and Commissions,” he said.


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