Send Pak Flag Raisers Packing to Pakistan, Sajjad Lone Says



Sajjad Lone
Sajjad Lone

Separatist turned unionist and cabinet minister in Mufti Sayeed led PDP-BJP coalition government Sajjad Gani Lone has suggested those who want to raise Pakistan flag in valley better go to that country and help them.

In an interview to Mumbai based Economic Times, the J&K Animal Husbandry, Science & Technology Minister, has said that he has never raised the Pakistani Flag even though being a separatist. “Honestly, if someone wants to raise the flag and is so much in love with Pakistan, my suggestion for them would be to go there and help them,” he said.

Detailing his coming close to BJP, Lone said that he was close to that setup ever since BJP era. “They really took care of me, especially regarding my security.”

Further, Lone added, “I played a very big role behind the scenes. Dulat (former R&AW chief) was in PMO then. I had the time to contribute and make way for dialogue process. Because of all this I was labelled as Indian here.”

Justifying the presence of RSS in valley, he said that the ultra Hindu party has every right to be here. “…RSS was here much before. They have every right to come here if people accept them. What is the problem? It takes ages to make inroads. It’s all propaganda.”

He further said that Syed Ali Geelani is not ‘God’. “Politically I don’t even think about him now.”

Asserting that pessimism is a “big industry” in Kashmir, Sajjad while commenting on PDP-BJP coalition said, “We are just four months old. We are still working on plans left by the last government. This government was written-off even before it as made.”

He added, “Even if the government has to fail, it can be analysed only after three years. Let’s wait for sometime before making sweeping judgments. And it will not fail because of the alliance of BJP and PDP. It will fail if the elected members will not deliver.”

Justifying his aligning with the right wing Hindu BJP, Sajjad asked, “You tell me why is it problematic?”

He said that the first person in J&K to align with BJP was Omar Abdullah. “I am not defending BJP but since when did Congress become pro-Kashmir.”

When asked about former CM’s Omar Abdullah comment that Nagpur is the new capital of J&K, Sajjad replied, “He is not a good administrator.”

Blaming the last dispensation of making “wild guess” in formulating the Rs 44,000 Crore flood relief package, Sajjad said that the package demand was “clearly an election stunt by National Conference.”

Lone, whose father was assassinated by unknown gunman in 2002, said that if there is a remotest doubt that something is going to put in jeopardy the life of ordinary citizens, the government must act.

“Even, if it means putting somebody under house arrest. I am in favour of participation of everybody in any political process. But government also has a right to uphold law and order of the state and ensure there are no fatalities. If they are preventive measures, what is wrong with it?”

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