Sensing defeat Abdullahs planning for rehabilitation in Delhi: Baig

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Taking jibe at the ruling National Conference patron, Farooq Abdullah for his remarks that his chief minister son will shift to New Delhi after the parliamentary polls, the senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and former deputy chief minister, Muzaffar Hussain Baig Wednesday said this is clear realization that the ruling coalition government in J&K is on its way out and had no chances of making a comeback that is why the NC patron is trying to find some employment for Omar Abdullah in New Delhi.

Addressing a well attended workers meeting of Baramulla in Baramulla, Baig said Farooq Abdullah’s remarks clearly indicate that he is now trying post 2014 rehabilitation for Omar Abdullah as he knows well the time is up for them in J&K. He said elections always mean for NC that how many Abdullahs get jobs both in the state and Centre at the cost of people’s sufferings and state’s interests. He said this government has nothing to show as its achievements and that is why they are now making future employment plans for Omar Abdullah.

He said the pain, misery and sufferings of people, which though are the direct result of NC’s treachery, U-turns and sell-outs, are no more issue before the ruling party but future rehabilitation plans for Abdullahs are. Even in the worst of times they will only think how they could ‘adjust’ themselves even on humiliating terms like Farooq Abdullah is currently doing as minister of a department that was specially created for him, said Baig.

Coming down upon the NC-led government he said it had virtually wasted the gains made between 2002 and 2008 by again turning Kashmir into a cage for its own people. He Omar Abdullah has unleashed a terror on people by arresting innocents, denying civil liberties to the people and pushing the state into another cycle of disturbances. He said Omar Abdullah is responsible for the killing of 120 innocent youth in 2010 and his coalition can’t absolve itself of the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guroo.

Baig said the coming Lok Sabha polls are a fight for dignity and justice for the people of the state and whosoever forms the government in the Centre, the PDP will engage all, be it the opposition, regional parties and other shades of opinion both in and outside the parliament, to seek a new Kashmir policy along with a roadmap for its implementation.

Calling upon the people owing allegiance to the different political and ideological thoughts, Baig said everyone has to rise above party lines to vote for PDP because the party is going to the national level with the agenda for the entire state and all its people in an attempt to restore the rights of people, which has been trampled for the last 65 years. “We acknowledge that there are lots of people aligned to different ideological thoughts in the state and even parties like Congress and NC who would want to contribute to the welfare of the state and who find resonance in the agenda of PDP. I appeal them to vote for us because this is not just an ordinary vote for just to ‘adjust’ some politicians,” said Baig. “This time the fight for the rights of our people will be taken to rest of the country at different levels and PDP will require a decisive mandate for that”, he added.

Pertinently Farooq Abdullah in an interview has said, “If UPA-III comes to power at the centre after Parliament elections; Omar will be very ready to join that government under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.”


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