Separatist React, Terms Shinde’s Statement As ‘Arrogant Denial’

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Terming the statement of union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde as ‘arrogant denial’, separatist leadership have in one voice said that they would continue to demand the return of mortal remains of Moihammad Afzal Guru.

“Denial of the handing over body to family is sheer arrogance on part of Indian authorities who suppresses voices of people in Valley through military might. Statement of Shinde is an ‘Election stunt’ and GoI is worried only about its upcoming elections results”, reads the statement issued by Hurriyat (G) as quoting its Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani.

Expressing resentment over the statement of Shinde, Geelani has said, “After India satisfied the collective conscience of its people by executing Guru, We had thought that India would return mortal remains to family as India is only scared of living persons”.

Alleging that communal forces were dictating the policy of state in India, Hurriayat Chairman said,”The difference between enemies finishes once an enemy dies but India has made it clear through its activities that it isn’t possessing heart in its chest and can do anything to prove its hate towards an enemy”.

He has appealed the peope to stick with the one point agenda programme to press for the return oif mortal remains.

Hurriyat (M) has rejected the statement of Shinde and said that arrogant denial indicates an occupational mindset. It has said that people would continue their demand for mortal remains through peaceful protests.

It has said that people of Valley are running a movement based on justice and India cannot suppress their voices neither it could did it in past by using different tactics.

Claiming that India miss treating people of Kashmir as slaves, MMM has said that on one side various intellectuals of India has criticized the way in which Guru was executed and on the other hand GoI is refusing to hand over mortal remains.

MMM has said that India is crushing sentiments of people here. It has said that statement of shinde has opened ways for ther more important deliberations to frame the programme to press for the demand and it would be done in coming meeting of MMM.

Reiterating its call for civil curfew, it has appealed people to make the call successful.


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