Separatist stamping slogans on currency in Kashmir

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An unknown Kashmiri group called “Kashmir Graffiti” has become active in Kashmir by adopting a new method of voicing its demand by stamping separatist slogans on Indian currency notes.

As per its statement posted on social networking site Facebook, the group has stamped currency worth Rs 30 crores in the last four months. The group has also put a video on youtube about the same.

According to the Reserve Bank of India’s clean note policy announced on May 10 this fiscal, inscription or scribbling on any part of the currency would render it to be classified as unfit for reissue. Accordingly, such banknotes get treated as soiled banknotes and cannot be re-circulated.

A bank official has been reported as saying that the claim of Rs 30 crore stamped with slogans is yet to be verified by the police. Action will follow if found true, he said. “So far as the currency is concerned, the stamped notes cannot be termed as invalid, said the official.

“We know it is just a little effort but we believe it will go a long way in sending message to people of India what a common Kashmiri wants,” the group said on its Facebook page ‘Kashmir Graffiti’.


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