Serve Hard Areas And Get More Salary Now

JAMMU: Under the new system announced on Tuesday, the government will give the employees more salary for saving the hard areas across the state. It is called Special Duty Allowance and will be equivalent to 10 percent of the basic pay.

The areas that fall in hard areas include almost all the far flung areas. The hard areas include entire Ladakh region, Gurez, Keran, Karnah, Machil, Datu Basantarh, Wadwan and Madwa. Besides, Poonch, Rajouri, and Bani tehsils are added to the list excluding the urban centres. An area of Budgam has also been included.

These areas which remain disconnected from the rest of the state especially Srinagar and Jammu for most of the winter for climatic reasons, have historically reported bad service delivery especially health. Adding to the incentives of the staff has been the main demand of the lawmakers for a long time. Now the government finally announced an addition as incentive which is equal to their basic pay.

The exact list of the area is incomplete because the Finance Minister was reading from a list with a bit of speed. An official spokesman is expected to realise the list tonight.Incentivising the serving in hard areas is one of the patterns that central government has already implemented in the service rules for its employees.


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