Settle West PaK refugees Out Of J&K, Says Sumji

KL Report


Hurriyat (g) leader Ghulam Nabi Sumji told the alliance’s Executive Body that the government policy regarding the West Pakistan Refugees is ambiguous and unclear and it looks like a conspiracy to permanently settle them in J&K, a party handout said.

“The stand of BJP regarding to this issue is although known to everybody but PDP is looking to play a cunning game over this,” Sumji said. He expressed his apprehension that the possible alliance partners have mutually agreed upon the issuing of Permanent State Subject certificates to the WPRs but because of the public resistance, they didn’t want to make this decision public and want to execute it secretly.

“The state constitution has unambiguous and clear stand regarding this issue and it doesn’t allow any non-state subject to permanently settle in this state,” Sumji said. “We are not enemies of the refugees and we consider their matter as human issue but India has 28 states and these refugees can be permanently settled in any of the states like Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP etc and it will be in the interest of everybody to settle them in any other place without disturbing the disputed status of this state.”

Sumji said that Kashmiris can’t neither be held responsible nor can be punished for the issues and problems created by partition. “There are political objectives behind the permanent settlement of the WPR in Jammu & Kashmir and with the help of this, India want to change the demography of the state,” he said.


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