Shafat Qazi

Shafat Qazi, the CEO of US-based BQE software has made it to the top 50 CEOs of the mid-sized American companies list, USA Today reported. Qazi is ranked at number 48.

The USA Today has quoted the survey by Comparably, a compensation, culture and career website. The survey has two parts. In the first section are major companies like Google and Facebook. In the second part are the mid-sized companies that include BQE Software.

BQE Software is a major player in accounting and time billing software that has an impressive software development centre in Srinagar where it employs more than 100 software engineers. BillQuick, one of its software, is literally in mass use among professional service providers. Srinagar development centre is the key ingredient of the California based company that serves more than half-a-million professionals across the world.

Despite living and operating in California where he founded the company, Qazi is hugely connected with Kashmir and has remained very active on the cultural front. He has studied in Kashmir and his father retired as the principal of the Amar Singh College.

Qazi was born in Kashmir and moved to Buffalo, NY in 1986. Shafat currently lives in Torrance, CA. After graduating from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Master of Science in Structural Engineering and Computer Applications, Shafat moved to California and started working at David C. Breiholz, Inc.; he went on to become a partner in the firm, which was eventually renamed to Breiholz Qazi Engineering.

He was appointed the chairman of Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAoSC) Computer Applications Committee. While working as an engineer, in 1995, Shafat developed a billing software, BillQuick. By 1998, Qazi left his engineering firm and devoted himself full-time to BillQuick and his company. Qazi has appeared in publications including Forbes, CPA Practice Advisor, Accounting Today and The Business of Architecture.

Under Qazi´s leadership, BQE Software acquired another software company, OrangeLoft LLC in 2009, and received the Accountex User Favourite Award for Best Project Management – 2016.

Software apart, Qazi has created a music brand IBM with singers Irfan, Bilal and Mehmeet under an American group Funkar International by Asmat Ashai, he helped the band to move the globe and have music concerts.


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