Shah Faesal calls for continuation of subject teachers


President Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM) Shah Faesal on Sunday said that Government’s decision to terminate subject-specific teachers will not only snatch livelihood of about 530 educated youth of the state but also leave around 110 schools short of qualified staff in the middle of the academic session.

In a statement, Shah Faesal said that most of the incumbents are highly qualified incumbents, some of them being Ph D in their respective subjects, a fact acknowledged by Mission Director SAMAGRA in his recommendation for continuation of these teachers.

He urged that Governor S P Malik, Advisor Education Khursheed Ahmad Ganai and Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam to take a judicious view on the matter to avoid the impending crisis in the Education Department.

Shah Faesal said that this lot of 530 RMSA subject-specific teachers was selected through a fair, transparent and merit based process by the State government and there is no issue of salary as their entire requirement has been smoothly flowing in from the Centre like other SAMAGRA schemes in different states.

“Snatching these jobs abruptly at this stage would not only affect the academic activities adversely but would also create serious social implications for the female teachers whose job has a bearing on their marriage and family life,” Shah Faesal added.


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