Shamsuddin Shamim

June 9, 1949 to March 14, 2013

Shamsuddin Shamim

Shamsuddin Shamim, a noted Urdu journalist, writer, literary person, intellectual and a social worker breathed his last on Thursday at the age of 64.

Shamim started his journalistic career with a Srinagar based Urdu daily, Daily Chinar in early 70’s. After his brief association with Daily Chinar, he joined another Urdu daily Aftab as a permanent columnist. His columns in Aftab largely reflected upon the decay in the society.

Survived by a son and a daughter, Shamim was a self made man. He was 17 when his father died, leaving behind a large family to feed, including his mother and five sisters. Shamim worked hard to ensure his sisters had a comfortable life. He married late in life as he first got all his sisters married.

Shamim started his literary career with a collection of Urdu short stories titled “Veerane” in 1975. The book became an instant hit and Shamim adopted the Kashmiri translation of most of his short stories for television.

While Phawde Ki Beti became Waatal Koor, another Urdu play, Ungliyaan, was translated in Kashmiri and adopted as Gule. The Kashmiri translation of his Urdu plays became hit instantly as people feel saw reflections of their surroundings in his writing. “He was a complete human being. He was known for his human qualities,” Javed Azar, editor of Kashmir Uzma said. “I know him as a writer and a social worker.”

At the peak of his literary endeavour, Shamim wrote Kashmiri short story titled Wachas Tal Mazaar. He wrote a number of television programmes for DD Srinagar including hits like Hum Bi Muh Main Zaban Rakhtey Hai, Begur Baneh and ten minute small feature titled Bas 10 Minute. These were all hits.

During the shooting of Hum Bi Muh Main Zaban Rakhtey Hai which talked about women empowerment, Shamim reportedly spent two days and two nights at Women Police station, Rambagh, Srinagar.

“He was a gentleman and a patient teacher,” said Parvaiz Bukhari, a noted journalist and one of Shamim’s students. “Throughout his life he wanted to work for the betterment of the society. But he was handcuffed by DD Srinagar,” said Imdad Saki, a senior journalist and an activist.

After his retirement from DD Srinagar, Shamim dedicated his time in compiling the history of Kashmiri journalists and journalism. “But he had regrets as nobody cooperated,” said Saki.

Shamim was pained by the miseries of his people especially during the two decade long conflict. His play Disturbed Area is based on the life changing experiences of turmoil hit Kashmiris. Unfortunately Disturbed Area awaits screening since years.


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