Sheikh Played Vital Role In Making Accession Possible: Soz

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Reacting to the recent statement of National Conference’s (NC) General Secretary Shiekh Nazir that Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah had no role in accession of Kashmir to India in 1974, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress  Committee (JKPCC) chief Saifuddin Soz today said that Sheikh Abdullah played vital role in making the instrument of accession possible.

Talking to KNS, Soz said that though Shiekh Abdullah developed marginal differences with Delhi after 1953 but his role in 1947’s accession cannot be undermined in the books of history. “It was only accession to India that made Sheikh the Prime Minster of Kashmir at that time, those who issue such statements should see Sheikh’s role in Delhi agreement signed in 1952.”

Soz further mentioned that the document of accession that was bound to be signed by Hari Singh was hanging in the air till Shiekh gave the final nod of consent to it. “Jawahar Lal Nehru insisted that the accession document must should be approved Shikh Abdullah who then was a popular leader of Kashmiri people,” said Soz while adding that Mehar Chand Mahajan met Shiekh Abdullah and got his ‘stamp of approval’ over the accession document.

“Sheikh had some differences with Delhi after 1952 but it is politics and everyone has his opinion. You cannot undermine that how much close Sheikh was to Delhi.”

Expressing serious concerns over the recent statements of some NC leaders wherein they had mentioned that Shiekh had no involvement in 1947 accession, Soz said that such statements could only agonize the people further in the state. “Through these statements, the precious lives of youth could be ruined again and we should not misguide the future generation of the state,” said Soz. He further stated that the time has gone in the politics of the state where people could be ‘befooled’ by green color and foreign salt. “We should all work in unison for the prosperity of the state and should not indulge in the moves that could misguide the people further.

Commenting on incorporation of 73rd amendment of Panchayat Raj act, Soz said that the move will benefit the people at the grass root level and that it will end corruption to large extent in the panchayat institutions. “Rahul Gandhi remained on back like a rock and I can say that the Act is a gift from Rahul Gandhi to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Soz further stated that article 370 has no connection with the 73rd amendment and the pachayat raj act is only to strengthen the democratic institution in the state.

While commenting on the recent statement of Omar Abdullah in which he asked Delhi to explore other options in dealing with Pakistan, Soz said that it could be the personal opinion of Omar and that if he has any option in mind, he should reveal it to Delhi so that such options could be looked into. “Omar should take masses in confidence for the options he is asking Delhi to explore while dealing with Pakistan, so far he (Omar) has not made that option public, he should.”


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