256 Out Of 525 Applications For Driving Licenses Rejected

KL Report


Refusing allegations that ‘backdoor’ licenses are being issued to commercial and private vehicles, Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Central Kashmir, Abdul Majid Bhat on Thursday said that the department is issuing licenses in the most transparent procedure.

“We have CCTV cameras installed on the trial site and everything is being processed online in the office, how can the back door licenses could be issued to the people,” said Bhat. He further added that only 50 percent of applications his office receives for the issuance of driving licenses get approved by the authorities.

“We recently received 525 applications for driving licenses and among those 256 got rejected and we have collected the fine of 8.5 lakh from the violators.” Bhat further stated that the overloading in the public buses is the major concern for the authorities in the department and that the issue is being seriously looked into.

Commenting on the issue of youth under 18 years of age, riding bikes, Bhat said that the department has issued strict directions so that the license could be issued to only to the person having the age of more than 19 years. “The youth riding the bikes do not have the licenses for the same; they are riding the bikes illegally.”

Bhat further mentioned that the system of issuance of licenses to the people has been made strict and that the online system of the office has made the system more transparent and vigil.


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