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Ridiculing the recent statement of Sheikh Nazir Ahmad, General Secretary National Conference that Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah had no role in acceding Kashmir to India, Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Sunday accused National Conference (NC) of assigning job to the Nazir and Mustafa Kamal of issuing ‘bizarre’ statements.

Talking to KNS, PDP spokesman Naeem Akhtar accused NC of  indulging in the blame game. “Sometimes they accuse Hari Singh for accession of 1947,  sometimes  Bakshi Ghulam Ahmad  for situation of 1953 and sometimes they allege that it was Mirza Afzal Biegh that facilitated the accord of 1975.”

Akhtar further stated that the people of Kashmir are mature and wise enough to identify what has been done to them and by who. “NC has given the job of issuing hard hitting statements to Kamal and Nazir and that Farooq Abdullah and the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah speak in the soft tones.

Asking NC to provide reasons for all the actions of Sheikh Abdullah during 1952, 1975 , Akhtar accused that it was Sheikh who compelled Mirwaiz Yusuf and Choudary Ghulam Abaas to leave the state at that time. “Why NC is now using the apologetic tone about Kashmir’s accession to India,” said Akhtar while adding that ot was Sheikh Abdullah who said to Nehru at Srinagar’s Lal Chowk ‘Tu Man Shudi, Man tu shudam’ (I am you and you are me).

Akhtar further accused NC of deceiving the people by issuing historically ‘incorrect’ statements. “They can have alliance with BJP,NDA or with UPA but back home , they assign the job to someone issue furred statements against their coalition partners.”


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