Shifting of Dr Qasim, Dr Shariati to Jammu jails ‘illegal’:Dukhtaran-e-Millat


Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi on Sunday termed the shifting of Dr Mohammad Qasim Faktoo and Dr Shafi Shariati to jails outside Kashmir as an illegal, unjust.

She also asked the people to register strong protests against this move.

“On Saturday evening we came to know that Dr Qasim Sahab (who is serving lodgement since past 25 years and Dr Shariati Sahab lodged since 2011 were missing from their respective cells in the Srinagar Central Jail.

We were tense until a news website updated at around 2 AM that both these men have been shifted to Udhampur jail and Hira Nagar jail respectively,” Andrabi in a statement said.

Andrabi said that in both the cases, there was a stay order issued by the High Court against shifting of these two longest-serving lifers from Srinagar Central jail.  “The Supreme Court, when sentenced Dr Qasim for life, had clearly stated in the last line of the verdict that he should be lodged in a jail near his home,” she added.

“Not only did the authorities disrespected their own court order but also didn’t inform these two persons as well as their family members before shifting them,” she added.

She said that Dr Qasim was lied to and was told that he will be taken to hospital for a check-up. “He wasn’t allowed to take the medicines or clothes along with him as he was told that he will be taken to a hospital for checkup This is deception and nothing else, ” she added.

” We all know that Dr Qasim is suffering from multiple ailments but the most worrying is ‘glaucoma’ which has increased to alarming levels. His condition is such that more than half of his eyesight is damaged and in such a situation the prescribed eye drops are much needed as he can’t see properly without it, ” she added.

She said that last week also, four lifers who were released on parole by a court but that order was also disrespected and those lifers were re-arrested and without informing anyone,  they were lodged in Jammu jails.

Andrabi said that the shifting these two men in such condition is an extreme form of barbarism. “It seems that government is now trying to cage and lock our minds and ideologies but we want to tell Narendra Modi and Mehbooba Mufti that even if you take our minds and hearts out from our bodies still these body parts will shout out loud that we are not Indians and can’t live with India. Our minds and hearts will say out loud that we are Muslims of JK and will never become part of India,” she added.

Andrabi appealed the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir to raise their voices and protest against this Indian move. ” The Muslims of JK must remember that by protesting against this move they will show solidarity and pay their respects to the leaders who have sacrificed everything including their family life and even eyesight for the freedom of this place.People should hold strong protests to tell such dedicated lifers that they are not alone and we are with them in their fight against this oppression and illegal occupation. Our solidarity with such people will also be a statement that the cause for which they have sacrificed everything, we will take it to its logical conclusion,” she added.


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