Shinde asks Singh to reveal names of J&K ministers paid by Army

KL Desk


Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Tuesday asked former Army chief VK Singh to reveal the names of Jammu & Kashmir ministers who were allegedly paid by the Army for ‘stability’ in the state.

“VK Singh should name the politicians. If details are given, we can probe,” Shinde reportedly said.

On Monday evening, VK Singh had created political storm saying that ‘Army transfers money to certain ministers in Jammu and Kashmir because there are various things to be done and ministers have to do so many things as part of the stabilizing factor in the state and for organizing various activities.’

“May be not all the ministers but certain Ministers and people who are given a certain sum to get a particular thing done. That job involves bringing stability to a particular area,” he had said.

Former Army Chief, retired Gen V K Singh has claimed that certain ministers in Jammu and Kashmir are given money by the army and this has been going on since Independence.

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference and its coalition partner Congress has also asked Singh to reveal the names of Ministers who are on the pay role of Army.

NC leader Davinder Singh Rana and Congress Minister Taj Mohi-ul-din have issued separate statements in the regard.



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