Show Self Respect, Quit NC : Omar To Ratanpuri


KL Report


Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, while taking on his senior party colleague and Rajya Sabha member Ghulam Nabi Ratanpuri said that he should surrender his Rajya Sabha seat, quit National Conference and form his own platform for issuing “irrelevant statements’’.

As reported when Omar Abdullah, who is also working president of National Conference was asked about Mr Ratanpuri’s recent statement that issues like autonomy, self-rule and Article 370 are raised only at the time of elections, Omar said generally he has not been reacting to his (Ratanpuri’s) statements.

“However, I think Mr Ratanpuri has no business to be in the National Conference now. He should immediately surrender Rajya Sabha seat, which we had given to him despite the fact that he had secured 200 odd votes in Assembly elections,’’ he said.

“If he (Mr Ratanpuri) is a self-respecting man, if he has a millimeter of self-respect, he should first quit his Rajya Sabha seat and then issue statements. However, if he has no self-respect then he can continue in the National Conference,’’ Omar said.



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