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Days after State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) issued notice to Principal Secretary Home and Director General Police to consider installation of Close Circuit TV (CCTVs) cameras in all police stations, senior Congress leader and Minister for Medical Education, Taj Mohiuddin Wednesday said all the police stations must have CCTV Cameras so that the police functioning could become more transparent.

“Installation of CCTV cameras in all police stations is important so that there will be transparency in the whole system Taj told Kashmir News service.

Emphasizing the importance of CCTV’s Taj said: “Let the government install CCTV cameras in police stations as this can be the only evidence in the hands of Police to prove their transparency and dedication, moreover there are many misconceptions regarding the police functioning among the people, here again CCTVs will be helpful to clear all the doubts,”.

He further said, “Surveillance cameras would help in protection of human rights and will also stand as a witness for any Human Rights Violation within the police stations as at present in the absence of any proof the erring police officials escape punishment,”.

“The CCTV cameras should also be connected with the office of the higher police officials including Inspector general of police that way an eye could be kept on the working of the police stations, “he said.

Stating that The CCTV cameras should be installed in government offices as well to monitor the activities of employees. “Installation of CCTVs in government offices will ensure a smooth and a disciplined performance being delivered by the employees.”


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