Sighs and Echoes

Durdana Bhat

Pic: Durdan Bhat
Pic: Durdana Bhat

The whole world seems saying: there is a way out of everything. So then I thought of opening the door and going indoors. Just to collect the waves and cease them. As for now, fear is no more in this heart.

On that cold day, I went to collect the burden of the sea.

Those veiled memories returned. Good happened. It tinged the dreams. That were long gone. When I was known.

What was found was the meaning of every shade. That was disturbed in dark. Every time when I open the doors, something was found deep inside. But that too was buried, secretly.

I don’t have proper words to describe it. What it was? Why it was forgotten? From outside though, it was a storm and wind!

But I didn’t go out, again. To see it. As I always loved to see, how it will strike. And then doom everything!

This time I turned out protective. And returned to what I was looking for…

We are nothing. I said and fell. But again. I pushed my feet across. To reach the depths. And, not just to glimpse it.

I don’t know why it turned out grey! My hand against the walls. In the absence, everything was gone.

Don’t stop! Don’t return! Walk to the sea. And don’t get drowned.

But how much better is silence? Myself, being myself! And then, I asked myself about the present: how deep it was; and how much mine was to keep.

What happens when you let go present? But the fact is, we keep on living.

So, what query should I ask from these shadows? Should I ask them: how often they are real in the dark? Or, how are they surreal in the light?

Worse was yet to happen. Breath stopped for a while. And I was breaking off the real in me. But, what is real? Do you know: It was long forgotten!

Again. I stood there. Watching those faded minutes. And thus: I began to compare survive. This quit self was now listening to the waves. Like. Why are they in hiss mode? Why don’t they stop? And, why don’t they well off?

It was madness and what more? Though, I was able to encounter the walls and black. I came to know: they were written half; and now, they are empty.

I never inquired about them. But I wish: I could have!


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