Bhim Urges Sonia to Sack Azad

KL Report


Panther’s Party patron Prof. Bhim Singh, Monday urged Congress president Sonia Gandhi to take action against “opportunist leaders of her Party who dare sell the Congress name, principles and ideology just for a vote for the Rajya Sabha.”

Strongly objecting to an “apology” letter by some Congress leaders submitted to Er Rashid on Afzal Guru’s hanging, he said, “If there were something immoral, wrong or illegal or unconstitutional in the hanging of Afzal Guru, they should have resigned or even protested.”

On the eve of Rajya Sabha election, five Congressmen submitted an “apology” letter to Rashid. They included a former minister, GM Saroori.

“Second blunder, the former Minister did was that he submitted an apology letter to a non-entity (besides an underhand deal) which he should have submitted to his President, Sonia Gandhi,” Bhim said.

“Was an MLA (Rashid) known to be anti-national, superior to the party President?” he asked.

“Glorifying Afzal Guru in his repentance letter by taking signatures of 5 Congress MLAs (his group) in his mercy petition submitted to Rashid just for the sake of a vote should not be taken light by the Congress President for the sake of the party and its integrity,” Bhim Singh wrote to Sonia, according to a statement.

He demanded Sonia to act fast and act strong “to save the party from further erosion.”


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