Silent Sighs of Insha…

Insha sitting with her mother in their Sedow Shopian home. Photo: Aakash Hassan.

By: Asif Sultan Matta

‘Big snowy flakes falling from the sky’
In her sleep, she can hear her mother’s cry.
A cozy blanket and white snug duvet
Swathed over her, allow her not to rise
Off her bed, in her dreams she’s to fly…

She is dreaming…Dreaming of snow…

She tweaks the quilt down and steals a look
To the window and behold the shower of white bits.
Reluctant is she to venture out,
But this beguiling view, her appetite shook.

Slithering her sight through white flakes,
Toiling to see her sister’s cherry face,
Among other girls, building an effigy of snow
With their tender shivering scarlet hands,
As she was astir and drew off window’s drapes.

But she preferred to enjoy seeing them playing
And coach the small girls in structuring, and rebuke
When they fell into the scuffle of snow-pelting

She darted her eyes above up sky
Looking for the end where snow come from,
She ends up feeling soaring up, high
Speedy and fluttering her wings of youth
In the horizons of merry and dreams, bidding the boredom bye.

Mother came in pulled off the quilt, slowly
Finds her little daughter grinning in her fantasy
She quietly perched beside her, stroked her glossy hair,
Held her hand and touched it with her lips,
Tears fell off , descending on her hand, awoke her dear Insha Ji.

No snow, no mother, no effigy, no upwards-rise,
Can nothing see her poor pelletted-eyes.
Her mornings are no more good now,
Do they start with sniffles and silent sighs.


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