National Conference Wednesday condemned the use of force on protesting RET Teachers in Srinagar and said such repressive tendencies of the PDP-BJP Government had now become a norm and had created an atmosphere of instability and injustice in the State.

In a party statement, NC Spokesperson, while expressing solidarity with those ReT teachers who were assaulted by the Police in Srinagar today said the party stood in support of the protesting RET Teachers and extended full support to their struggle.

“Before asking qualified and respectable teachers in the State to prove themselves even when they have been rendering services for years, the Education Minister should be asked to sit for an exam to find out if he is fit to be a Minister. The Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers Program has been an enormous success and has been praised by independent organization of global repute. Unfortunately we now have a Government that considers humiliation as a political tool. The ReT Teachers are being humiliated deliberately and the Education Minister is trying to arm-twist them into submission. This is unacceptable and ridiculous,” NC Spokesperson said.

The NC Spokesperson lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government’s dictatorial decision and said this was a clear attempt to insult and humiliate hardworking ReT Teachers. “All ReTs were selected through a transparent process based on merit – as is the case with our engineers, doctors and all other government employees. All orders for their selection were issued by the Government after all formalities were adhered to. To suspect their credentials and make them line up outside exam halls and by threatening to terminate their services, the State Government is proving true to its repressive DNA,” the statement added.

“It was National Conference that started the ReT Scheme in 200, were qualified people were appointed ReT teachers in their respective areas to improve literacy and lower the unemployment in the State. There are around 65,000 RET Teachers in the State today – toiling in far flung areas and working with dedication and honesty to serve our State. The last thing they deserve is this humiliation. The Education Minister has lost the plot. His self-righteousness has now reached menacing proportions. The Chief Minister is watching as a mute spectator as the future of 65,000 RET Teachers depends on the whims of the Education Minister,” the NC Spokesperson said.

The NC Spokesperson said the party would not allow the PDP-BJP Government to suppress the RET Teachers and would support them in their struggle against this ridiculous, dictatorial and senseless decision.


  1. Dear NC spokesperson,
    The results of government schools say completely different story than yours. In presence of Honourable High court judge, ReT teacher couldn’t write few sentences on Cow and couldn’t solve primary class mathematics questions.
    There were schools run by ReT that didn’t exist on ground like the one in Bandipora. Such type of episodes triggered to check the genuineness of the certificates and capability of such teachers.
    Government during NC period was aware of this disease but they chose not to cure it. Fair enough. Now the other party set up chose to cure the disease why should you force them not to.
    Welfare of our state depends on these children who are in schools at present and are getting education from these teachers. It is the duty of government to make sure the children of the state get best of the best education.


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