SKIMS doctor appeals for return of hard drive carrying vital research  


Associate professor and consultant upper gastrointestinal surgery Dr Mubashir Shah has lost years of invaluable research and clinical data after his bag containing various items were stolen from his car.

Dr Shah is Associate Professor at SKIMS Soura. He was to visit a relative on Thursday (1 March 2018) who was undergoing medical treatment at JVC hospital.

“I had locked the car in hospital premises at designated parking. I kept a bag containing a laptop, hard disk, mobile phone and some papers in the car,” news gatherer quoted Dr Shah saying.

As he returned back after attending the patient, he found the bag was not in the car. What surprised him is that no window pane was broken. He believes that duplicate key was used to open the lock of the car.

“I have spent several years on some research and have maintained the clinical reports of my patients. That data is in the hard drive. The thief has stolen the bag which was containing a laptop, mobile phone and this hard disk,” he said.

He added that he is not worried about the loss of laptop and mobile. “The data in the hard disk is invaluable to me. I just need it back. If the person who has stolen it wants to give it back to me without revealing his identity, he can do it in hundreds of ways,” he said.

He added that let the persons retain whatever he has stolen. “I just need the hard disk back.”

In shape of theft of this hard disk, he said: “the thief has stolen several years of my hard work which I have done on research and successfully treating the patients”, as well as dealing a setback to research into treatments of gastrointestinal.

During 2014 devastating floods, the hard disk of Dr Shah was damaged. “I had hired services of experts in Delhi to get its data retrieved after flood water receded.”

Dr Shah has lodged a police complaint also but he prefers that the data disk should come back to him and is ready pardon the person.

“I request for its return. The person who is presently in possession of my hard disk, if he can listen to me or is informed by some other person about this request, my submission is to return my hard disk and keep other items to him,” he said. (CNS)


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