SKIMS performs Key Hole Open Heart Surgery



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Department of Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery SKIMS on Sunday performed Key Hole Open Heart Surgery.

The spokesman said that a 35 years old female resident of  Khangral, Kargil,  was admitted on March 12 2018,  in the department of CVTS at SKIMS Hospital, Srinagar under MRD Number 1034030  diagnosed  with Congenital Heart Defect and was operated  by team of doctors including  Prof G N Lone , Dr Farooq Ahmad Ganie, Dr Nadeem-ul- Nazeer and Dr Younis.

Dr Lone Said that normally open heart surgery is done after opening the chest cage by a 20cm long wound under Central Cardiopulmonary Bypass. However, in this case, a small wound called “keyhole” was created in the right side of the chest through which whole of the open heart surgery procedure was performed and the defect was repaired.

A “Peripheral Cardiopulmonary Bypass” was used instead of Central Bypass. The patient was removed from the ventilator within 2 hours of the surgery and is doing fine. This procedure has a number of advantages like a very small scar, short hospital stay, less blood transfusion and patient’s psychological benefits, a spokesman said.


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