SKIMS Sarai Runs As Mini Hospital To Cater Patient Rush

KL Report


SKIMS created additional wards and facilities for patients. SKIMS Sarai thrown open for emergency and critically sick patients which has increased manifold due to recent floods.

According to a statement issued to KNS, Director SKIMS Dr. Showkat Ali Zargar said SKIMS Sarai has been converted into mini hospital to cater patient rush. There is huge load of neonates, small children and new born. Every day there are 56 deliveries and 20-25 cesarean are being conducted. As such SKIMS Sarai has been converted into mini hospital which runs day care cancer ward where  40-50 patients receive chemotherapy per day and gynae cases are being monitored and being looked after. The institute on average admits 90-120 critically sick new born babies ,to cope pediatric rush two additional wards have been made functional which includes critical care and 10 bedded ICU. Also to avoid any inconvenience the newly constructed emergency extension with capacity of 22 patients is also being utilized for sick patients and more than 140 additional beds have been created in main hospital, he added.

It is important to mention for general public that in view of flood crisis SKIMS has restricted admissions to cancer and critical patients  but the elective/ routine admissions are also now open. SKIMS is fully functional and all labs and other essential and emergency units are functional. Doctors including residents, PG’s and paramedic staff is on duty and providing all necessary medical assistance to the patients.


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