Experts Question Handling Of LoC Situation By BSF

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As the situation from across the border escalates in several sectors including Akhnoor, RS Pura, Hira Nagar and Arnia in Jammu division since last week, a senior Defence Analyst of India questions the capability of handling the International Border by BSF.

The defence analyst told GNS that the week-long ceasefire violation along the International border in these areas has set the stage for escalation of cross border firing between India and Pakistan and with the passage of each day the shrilling sounds are only getting louder. The magnitude of the violation has come as a shock to everyone in India. It has raised eye-brows of many political and defense experts, while many of them call for peaceful methods to sort out the differences, there still are many who want India to retaliate strongly.

The violations have already taken life of at least half a dozen civilians and injured more than 35 from the Indian side. Amid this chaos, the defense and political experts are a worrying lot.

The defense analyst raised his concerns about the present scenario and slammed Pakistan, while saying that, “Why are they (Pakistan) firing at the International Border? Why are they attacking civilian populace, when the actual point of contention is LC or AGP?” The way forces deployed at the IB sector are tackling the situation,  raises serious concerns and is somewhat frustrating, as he questioned about the way BSF has so far managed the whole situation, “Is BSF careless or incapable of handling the situation or what”, he said.

“They (BSF) should ensure the safety of population, and also take them into confidence by showing resilience against the Rangers, but the way the scenario has been upto now has taken all of us aback”. The analyst further said that, “Why we only hear about firing against the villages while the BSF posts per say our untouched. The casualty figures of civilians Vis-à-vis BSF is a pointer forwards this. Another pointer towards callous handling of the situation is evident from the statements of BSF officers from DIG of DG. The idea should be to manage the criticality ratter then raising the ante”.

“The credentials of the forces serving at the border have been put to test by these attacks and the ones over there have failed miserably. Why they (BSF) is shying away from taking the help of the army to ease the situation”, he said.

The people living along the working border line have been shifted to safer places to ensure their safety while the deployed forces are gearing for larger retaliatory action.  In the backdrop the violations, IG BSF Rakesh Sharma yesterday said that, Pakistan is not following “golden rules” of international border. On infiltration attempts under the cover of ceasefire violations, the IG said, “we cannot rule out the attempts but so far we do not have any such inputs regarding infiltration attempts.”


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