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South Kashmir Civil Society (SKCS) expressed its concern over the frequency of yearly Amarnath Yatra stretched over a long period of almost two months. SKCS has said that the long stretched yatra will have very adverse impacts upon fragile environment of Pahalgam valley in particular.

SKSC in a statement has reiterated that it has always  been  in support  of communal harmony and universal brotherhood , and  is not opposed  to  any religious belief or Yatra but the way it is  being conducted is highly questionable.

“Besides, construction of concrete pathway leading to holy cave will badly effect the eco system of the valley especially some world famous glaciers along with some lagoons like Sheeshnag etc. and the helicopter services used for the yatra has already hastened the melting process of glaciers representing the lifeline of the ravines with a classical example of Kolhoi glacier,” the statement added.

SKCS also expressed deep concern about the harassment meted out  to the Kashmiri students outside state in the name of security and appealed the state government to take appropriate steps in safeguarding the life and interests of all the students, professionals, businessmen engaged in their activities outside the state.


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