Smelling ‘Foul’ in JKCA Selection, Father Complains to BCCI Chief



A disgruntled father whose son has been “deliberately” dropped by the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association from Under-16 team has complained to the BCCI President about the incident.

The father, who did not want to be named, has shot a letter that he showed to KNS.

“JKCA has totally changed its attitude toward deserving candidates as it has been selecting candidates ignoring the criteria, age and talent. Candidates are selected on the basis of close connection and approach with the members of the Association,” the father of an aspiring cricketer writes in the letter, addressed to Shashank Manohar, BCCI president.

“In the present team, 70 per cent of the candidates are not eligible as they are above 16 years in age. Some selectors have selected their children into the team,” he says in the letter.

The father has requested the BCCI chief for his intervention and to save the career of the deserving cricketers.


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