Snowfall: It is chaos on roads

KL Report


As the fresh and intense snowfall grips valley, the tall claims of government agencies to have preparedness to deal with crisis fell flat on the ground.

According to reports reaching Kashmir Life, Tuesday evening traffic chocked on various roads of Srinagar and outskirts.

Calling from Jehangir Chowk Srinagar, Abdul Maid told Kashmir Life that he has spent around one hour to cross to other side of Jehangir chowk. He said that there is no official intervention to clean snow from the road.

“It is total chaos. The snow is on roads and  no official is seen anywhere to help the people,” he said.

Besides Srinagar there are reports from other parts that the situation is even worse.

“What for is the drill and other activities when government despite prediction fails to bring people out of the problem,” Tajamul Ahmad told over phone.

An eyewitness who is stuck in traffic Jam near Pantha Chowk told Kashmir Life that there is no regulation of traffic and heaps of snow has created the mess.

“It is like situation that if you can manage, you can, otherwise government does not bother to come to your rescue,” said Irfan Ahmad.




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