Socially Boycott Those Involved in Domestic Violence against Women: Mirwaiz




Cleric and Chairperson Hurriyat (m) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday asked people to socially boycott elements involved in domestic violence and resorting to killings of women or forcing them into suicide for failing to bring dowry.

Addressing the Friday afternoon congregation prayers at Jamia Masjid in Srinagar, the Mirwaiz dealt on the issue of the ‘Rights of Women in Islam’ and said Kashmiri Muslims should take note of the crimes perpetuated against the womenfolk of Kashmir.

In a statement, he said there was no precedence of taking or giving dowry in Islam and as such the practice needed to be discouraged.

The Hurriyat (m) chairperson said, “women are being killed for dowry and were at the receiving end of the violence perpetuated in their homes.”

He said demands for dowry and show off in marriages was becoming a reason for late marriages of women in Kashmir despite the fact that the concept of dowry was a non-Islamic one.

Referring to the suicide of a woman in Shehr-e-Khaas area of Srinagar, the Mirwaiz said the incident was unfortunate and unacceptable and brings shame to a place known for its Muslim-majority character.

Laced with figures, he said, in the past 3 years, 1200 domestic violence cases had been registered with the Police and according to another report, only 20 percent of the women subjected to domestic violence were reporting the cases to police while the fate of the remaining 80 percent women was unknown.

Mirwaiz appealed the women facing the brunt of domestic violence to show strength by informing their local Masjid Intizamiya (management) and the concerned organizations or rights bodies about what they were being subjected to.

He also appealed the Ulema, intellectuals and civil society members to get together and collectively fight this evil that is engulfing Kashmir society and asked the concerned organizations to take note of these incidents and provide justice to the victims.

The Hurriyat (m) head said there was no Hadith (edict), which makes dowry permissible in Islam.

He said Islam had made it clear for the children the responsibilities they have for their parents and also the responsibilities the parents have for their children.

He said nothing like a “social necessity” could justify forcing a women to commit suicide of resorting to her killing if she failed to bring with her the demanded dowry.


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