‘Sowing Seeds of Discord Unfortunate’



All Parties Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesperson expressed surprise and dismay at the news item wherein its former Executive Member Agha Syed Hassan cited “lack of strategy in the conglomerate “as his reason for “distancing” himself from the amalgam.

The spokesperson wondered, “does Agha Hassan think that people are so naive as to believe that someone who has been an important and active member of the organization for the past more than twenty years and has been a part of its decision making body the executive council, suddenly discovers a so called lack of strategy in the organization (while he was fine with it for 20 years) and hurriedly quits.”

“People know that there is definitely more to it than meets the eye and citing this reason helps him look good among people and shifts the blame from him to others,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson reiterated that as far as the goal and strategy of the Hurriyat is concerned it is clear and unambiguous.  “The party at all cost will strive to achieve its objective.”

The spokesperson lamented that at a time when unity among leadership is the utmost need of the hour “sowing seeds of discord is most unfortunate”.

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