Soz Is As Loyal As We Are To New Delhi: Kamal

KL Report


A day after state congress chief Prof Saifuddin Soz stated that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, the National Conference on Tuesday said that Soz is ignorant of the history of J&K and that he was appeasing his bosses in New Delhi.

The NC leaders, in their fresh tirade against Soz, though maintained that J&K’s accession has taken place in unique circumstances and the state was not similar to other states of India.

“Accession is based on three things only, foreign affairs, communication and defense. It is an established fact that we have acceded only not merged. Soz should go through the history and that he was pleasing his bosses in New Delhi by issuing statements against National Conference,” Additional general secretary of National conference Dr Mustafa Kamal told a local news agency, KNS.

He further said, “Soz should know that facts are facts and constitutional reality is reality. Wishes don’t alter constitutional reality. You can’t hide facts. He is trying his best to assert his loyalty to New Delhi. We are as loyal as he is.”

On Soz’s claim that Congress will form the government on its own Kamal said, “Soz is banking on the approach of treachery. Let’s leave it to people. They are day dreaming and are living in self illusion.”

Meanwhile senior National conference leader and Member Parliament Mehboob Beig told KNS that he fails to understand in which capacity Soz has given a statement that people should not play negative politics. “Restoration of autonomy is not a negative politics. Soz should not term that if people want to fight for restoration of autonomy that is negative politics.”

“We will not hesitate to repeat that Kashmir had acceded to India under certain conditions and the state has a special status in the union of India. Kashmir is an international issue. Kashmir has to be resolved keeping in view its historical background,” he said.

Government of India, needs to come to terms with the reality that it has to sit with Pakistan to solve Kashmir, he added.


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